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15 days

Amar tune

life feels a lot great when one has their own set of personal tunes to dance to while waiting on the phone instead of the regular unvarying ring tones. banglalink amar tune gives its subscribers the opportunity to choose from more than 1 million songs to set as their personal caller back tune. just dial 2222 and listen to the ivr without any extra charge and follow instructions to set your desired tune on your phone.

activation information

  • to activate via ivr, dial 2222 and follow instructions. you will be notified via sms after activated.
  • to activate via ussd, type *2222# and follow instructions.

de-activation information

to de-activate dial *2222# and follow instructions.

to set any particular song as amar tune

type down<songcode> e.g. down523652 and send to 2222

to get the latest songs, visit: from your banglalink number. browsing charge is applicable.


subscription charge: tk. 15/15days (sd + vat + sc will be applicable)
per tune download charge: tk. 15 (sd + vat + sc will be applicable)

this service will be auto-renewed after expiration.

for help, send sms “help” to 2222

to gift any tune on amar tune

banglalink users can also gift amar tunes service and/or tunes to other banglalink users if they desire. sender needs to send sms to the short code 2222 in the below format:

  • for tune: gift<song code><space>receiver’s mobile number starting as 19xxxxxxxx
    example: gift533211 19xxxxxxxx
  • for service: funp2<space>receiver’s mobile number starting as 19xxxxxxxx
    example: funp2 19xxxxxxxx

to set amar tune gift receiver needs to send an sms to 2222 in below format within the next 24 hours

  • for tune: set<song code>
  • for service: y

upon successful gifting, both the sender and the recipient will receive a confirmation sms.

gift sender can gift “amar tune” service for 6 different time periods; pick the number of days from the below table to decide the duration:

keyword validity number of
funp1 15 days 1 tk. 15 + sd + vat + sc
funp2 30 days 2 tk. 30 + sd + vat + sc
funp3 45 days 3 tk. 45 + sd + vat + sc
funp4 60 days 4 tk. 60 + sd + vat + sc
funp5 75 days 5 tk. 75 + sd + vat + sc
funp6 90 days 6 tk. 90 + sd + vat + sc

to search tunes via sms

to find any tune via sms, please provide either the song’s name or singer’s name, or both song & singer name.

to search for a song code, just type the below format and send the sms to 2633:

  • search by song name: find<space>song<space>songname
  • search by singer name: find<space>singer<space>singername
  • search by both song and singer name: find<space>songname< , >singername
  • for help: help

this service is also available on *121#, banglalink online service & my bl app.

click here for the amar tune list

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