tk. 2
1 day
dial 7899

Banglalink MInd Care

banglalink mind care is the very first mobile counselling service in bangladesh, which is exclusively for you, esteemed banglalink customer. get in touch with the mobile counseling service on diverse mental, psychological and brain development related health issues through ivr based psychological call center. it is a subscription based service, where you will get 20 free ivr minutes to consult with a combined team of expert counseling psychologist, clinical psychologist and psychiatrist.

highlights of the service

  • dial 7899 to subscribe
  • dial *7899# and choose to get sms based tips on various sensitive issues such as intelligence & brain development, stress control, child psychology and more.
  • you will get expert counseling through conversation over mobile phone on the following categories: stress control, diverse mental disorder, memory & iq enhancing, child psychology, cognitive development, parenting advice and quitting addiction.
  • call center service will be provided 24×7

subscription details:

service name activation price
mind care call center counseling dial 7899
or sms start mon to 7899
tk. 15.00/7days (+ sd + vat + sc)
intelligence and brain tips dial *7899*2#
or sms start inb to 7899
tk. 2.00/day (+ sd + vat + sc)
mental health tips dial *7899*2#
or sms start mnh to 7899
child psychology tips dial *7899*2#
or sms start chp to 7899
anxiety & stress control tips dial *7899*2#
or sms start ans to 7899
quit drug tips dial *7899*2#
or sms start qdt to 7899
to deactivate the services dial *7899#

*sd, vat and sc applicable

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