credit policy

the policy is designed to protect both the customer & banglalink’s interest. every banglalink post paid customer and business package customer is assigned with a credit limit, based on the security deposit or monthly usage against the connection. after exceeding 75% usages level of your credit limit banglalink will send sms/vms, informing you to pay certain amount to remain within the credit limit and avoid automatic barring. if payment is not received & your usages reach to 100% of credit limit, your banglalink connection will be blocked from further usages.

credit limit:

the maximum usage (billed + unbilled) limit set by banglalink credit policy, to protect banglalink customer’s interest & avoid fraudulent activity as a precaution.

security deposit:

money paid in advance of a transaction to protect banglalink against nonpayment of any due amount. to avail uninterrupted services, it is advisable to maintain your security deposit level above your average monthly usage.